Three Trade Show Mistakes To Avoid

Setting up the perfect trade show booth takes some planning and an eye for detail. Your goal is to have a booth that attracts attendees to check out your product or service, yet is simple to set up for the show as well as to break down afterward. Knowing the following mistakes can help you avoid some errors that could affect your success.

#1: Going in without clear goals

Ask many vendors why they go to trade shows and you are likely going to get one of two answers: 1) To get the word out about the business, or 2) To generate new leads. These may seem like strong goals, but they aren't nearly targeted enough. Before you even begin working on your trade show booth, determine what your highly targeted goal is. Start with a broad goal, for example, to educate about your business. Then, narrow it down to between one and three targeted goals. For example, draw attention to a specific product or product line, or to expand into a new market. By really honing in your goals you can be sure that every part of your display is pulling its weight and helping you achieve your aims.

#2: Creating a crowded booth

Once you know your main goal, you may be tempted to purchase every single trade show booth item available that fits into the overall plan. This can be a major mistake, since a crowded, cluttered booth simply confuses and turns off visitors. Instead, make a crowd friendly booth. Open booths work well if you expect to have more than two people at the booth at any given time, just make sure your event staff knows to stay on their feet greeting passers-by. Choose two or three displays that really get your message across. A large floor display or flip display gives visitors something to peruse when your staff is busy with someone else, while a few eye catching posters or displays are usually sufficient for the rest of the booth. Remember, you want displays of your product, not your logo, to take center stage.

#3: Ignoring lead generation

Generating leads is a big deal at trade shows, but many vendors don't know what to do with the leads once they have them. Make sure you have a post show plan to follow up on contacting each and every lead you receive, preferably within 72 hours of the end of the show so that the potential clients don't have time to forget your booth. There are several ways you can use your displays to generate leads. A drawing is popular, just make sure the prize is related to your product or service. Offering a "show discount" is another way to secure a list of leads, as long as you have the visitors sign up for a discount. You can also use a display with a QR code that visitors can scan with their phone to sign up for more information.

With planning and the right displays, your show can be a success. Visit a website like to learn more.